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Brian Donnelly Dr. Todd History 101 December 7, 2007 The Influence of Caesar, Vespasian, Augustus and Claudius on Rome In Rome’s history arguably the four most influential and successful rulers were Caesar, Vespasian, Augustus and Claudius. Through military tactics, political changes, shaping of society and spreading of empire, these men helped shape Rome and were the force responsible for its success. Although all of them eventually ran into some form of bad luck or failure, the peak of their leadership was usually a good period of time for Rome as a country. Whether it was military victories, political or social reforms these men displayed strength and class in everything they did, said and accomplished and turned Rome into a world force not to be reckoned with. The downfall of these men was as high as their peak of power, and was usually a direct result of bad luck. Of all the leaders of Rome Julius Caesar is perhaps the most influential and highly regarded because of his incredible military strategies and his general acceptance by the country as a whole. Caesar won over the hearts of everyone from kings to the common people by lending troops or giving gifts to kings whenever they were needed and by providing help to those in legal or financial trouble. In regards to his military achievements he was the first to build a bridge over the Rhine River the resulted in great losses for his German enemies. He also invaded Britain and defeated the natives taking with him extensive sums of money and a lot of hostages. Lastly he expanded his army using his own money by extracting an annual tribune of 400,00 gold pieces. Politically he
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also made many reforms including bringing the senate to new strength by creating new patricians and increasing the salaries of almost every official. He also changed how voters were registered by teaming up with city landlords in order to get a more truthful list of people who were allowed to vote. He was beloved throughout Rome for his loyalty and devotion towards all who were on his side and supported him, which was a vast majority of the country. Lastly he forbade any citizen between the ages of twenty and forty who was not in the army to leave Italy for more than three years at a time, he increased penalties for crimes and imposed a new tariff on foreign manufacturers. Caesar was eventually murdered by the senate and his own friend put the knife in, but nothing could downplay the incredible run he had as ruler of Rome especially a hint of bad timing
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Research Paper - Brian Donnelly Dr Todd History 101...

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