anth138 - the fact that a site can be easily destroyed in...

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November 27, 2007 Dr. Zahi Hawass Chairman of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass: We are writing about the incredible and unexpected find that our excavation team came across on in the Nubian Desert. We are sure that you are as excited as we are to start the excavation process and to see what new discoveries we will find. However, you were recently contacted by Professor Belac of the Sorbonne stating that we are an unqualified antiquarian group and that we are “worst than Belzoni”. Despite our colleague’s libelous accusations, we are highly qualified and we do not excavate in an “antiquity” style. We preserve as much as possible as we record our findings and have a systematic research design. Our thoroughly designed method of excavation recognizes
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Unformatted text preview: the fact that a site can be easily destroyed in the process of grabbing artifacts that can be sold to collectors and we will be meticulously dissecting and documenting our site in a highly organized fashion. We do not use any type of blasting powder as Belzoni famously did in the past. We will be using certain spets to help to attain our goal of a comprehensive excavation. We will be using a highly specialized physical anthropologist, a few excavators, an antiquities inspector, a historian, an expert on Nubians and Egypt, someone experienced in excavating tombs, and an expert in radio-carbon dating. Thank you for your consideration, we are confident in our ability to successfully complete this project. Sincerely, The Gebel Hagg Project...
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anth138 - the fact that a site can be easily destroyed in...

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