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Inventing the truth essay 1

Inventing the truth essay 1 - Brian Donnelly English...

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Brian Donnelly English 101.164 Mrs. Rayne 4 September 2007 Inventing The Truth Homework When I look back into my childhood, I find that it’s difficult to remember most of the important details. It seems as if, up until age twelve, I was frozen in time except for a few monumental occasions. So when I read books like “ Road From Coorain” and “ The Glass Castle” I envied the writers ability to so definitively recall important moments of their childhood. I desperately want to be able to take myself back to those times and remember my childhood as if it had only happened yesterday. And from the introduction to this book I hope that it may be the spark that could ignite my memory and begin my journey back through the sands of time. What this course means to me is that I get the chance to learn from some of the best memoir writers of the century on how they do their trade so well. I’m excited and at the same time nervous to have my past revealed to me with the help of this book. Recently especially since
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