March 27th 2008

March 27th 2008 - March 27th 2008 Ornithodira consist of...

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March 27 th 2008 Ornithodira consist of dinosaurs and birds Terasaurs were the first animals for insects taking flight Ornithodira o Have a lot of homologies o The main lineages begin around early to middle Triassic nothing in the Permian o Euparkeria Quadrapedial, pretty fast, legs are getting bowed o Neck evolution The anterior cervicals begin to get really elongate in pterosaurs and in dinosaurs Their neck gets more delicate o Marasuchus Bipedial, very small ,veryreduced forelimbs, and their hands are delicate not for stomping on ground Their femurs are slowly getting bowed, good feature for high speed running The metatarsals and tibia fibula get elongated complexly digitigrate Have a competly transverse joint, have saggital or parasagiatal stride, legs were directly underneath the animal o Scleromochlus Prob is a basal terasaur, it has some features of pterisauris Pectoral crest is getting on the biggest side, the arms are getting bigger/stronger They have hollow bones o Pterodactylus – the first discover pterosaur o After evolution became a big topic they looked at these guys more closely o Eudimorphodon Has a mice robust skull, prob more a little more down the tree Have really thin walled bones, but it has bony struts inside of it making it much stronger It has 2 surfaces one on the inside and one on the outside These bones are so strong that teeth would crack off of it o Araripesaurus Grouped into 2 clades, this one had a small body long tailed animals only lived in Jurassic period. They all have teeth in their jaws o Eudimorphodon
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March 27th 2008 - March 27th 2008 Ornithodira consist of...

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