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Unformatted text preview: . 4. Clearly indicate your answers. problem no. 1-3 no. 4 no. 5 no. 6 total max 15 20 25 40 100 score Multiple Choice Problems 1-3 5 points each; circle your answer 1. If X is a r.v., which of the following is random? A p.d.f. fX x; B characteristic function X u; 2 C X ; D PrX  a, where a is a constant Answer: C 5 2. If X is a continuous r.v., fX x denotes its p.d.f., and FX x denotes its c.d.f., then which of the following statements is correct? A FX x is non-decreasing; B fX x is non-decreasing; C fX 1 = 1; D FX 0 = 0 Answer: A 5 Correct: FX x is non-decreasing...
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