Df shows that x is an exponential rv with parameter 1

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Unformatted text preview: found by integrating the joint p.d.f. Z1 Z31 fX x = f x; y dy = 2 e,x dy = e,x; x  0 ,1 1 6 The above p.d.f. shows that X is an exponential r.v. with parameter  = 1 2 b Similarly, we obtain the marginal p.d.f. for Y , Z1 Z11 fY y = f x; y dx = 2 e,xdx = 1 ; 1  y  3 2 ,1 0 6 Hence r.v. Y is an uniform r.v. in 1; 3 ; i.e., Y  U 1; 3 2 c Since f x; y = fX xfY y, r.v.'s X and Y are independent 3 3 They are also uncorrelated as a result of the independence. d Since X and Y are independe...
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