Does your initial distance from the source affect the

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Unformatted text preview: you hear? Does your initial distance from the source affect the change in loudness? (ii) Calculate the intensity (in W/m2) and sound level (in dB) as function of distance r from the source (in m). At what distance r is the sound level equal to 120 dB (the threshold of pain), 65 dB (corresponding to ordinary conversation, and 20 dB (a whisper)? Typical home stereo loudspeakers require a few W of input power to Physics 2214, Spring 2012 2 Cornell University TA's Name:_____________________________________Section: ____ Your Name: ____________________________________ produce average rock music loudnesses. Is this consistent with your calculations? 5. Why all the wood? Why aren’t guitars (and cellos and violins) just boards with strings stretched from one end to the other? (a) If you play the same note (e.g., corresponding to the same key on a piano), how do the fundamental frequencies of the three instruments compare? (b) If you play the same note by plucking a string in the same way on each instrument, the resulting sounds will be quite dif...
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