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Assignment_5 spring 2012

Assignment_5 spring 2012 - TA's Name Section Your Name...

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Physics 2214 Assignment 5 Concepts: Wave reflection and transmission Dispersion relations Characteristic impedance Group velocity impedance matching Wave Interference II: Beats Reading: Lecture notes 8, 9 and 10; Y&F, Vol. 1, Chapters 15 and 16; Assignment: Due in homework boxes opposite 125 Clark Hall before 430 pm on Tuesday February 28. Recommended coops: Problems 1,5 and 6. Please turn in this sheet stapled to the top of your work. Physics Problems: 1. Boundary conditions. At t = 0, the wave pulses shown below are moving away from one another. The wave speed is 4 m/s. The left end ( x = 0) is free (massless slip-ring boundary condition) and the right end ( x = 25 m) is fixed. (a) Draw the left end of the string (0 x 4 m) at t = 1.5 s. (b) Draw the right end of the string (21 m x 25 m) at t = 2.5 s. (c) Draw the velocity distribution (a graph of as a function of x ) at t = 5 s for the part of the string where the velocity is nonzero. 2. Wave transmission across a boundary. String 1 with wave speed v 1 is connected to string 2 with wave speed v 2 . A square pulse of width W is incident from string 1 onto the boundary between strings. TA's Name:____________________ Section: ____ Your Name: _________________________________ Physics 2214, Spring 2012 1 Cornell University
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