It is only a function of the properties of the medium

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Unformatted text preview: ng wave. It is only a function of the properties of the medium in which the wave propagates (for strings, τ, µ and v). (For electromagnetic waves in free space, the characteristic impedance is proportional to the ratio of the electric and magnetic fields associated with a single wave, and only depends the dielectric permittivity ε0 and magnetic permeability µ0 of free space.) Physics 2214, Spring 2012 2 Cornell University Consider a piece of string that is driven by a force F at one end and that is fixed at the other. Discuss why the mechanical impedance of the string – measured at the driven end – will differ from the characteristic impedance in this case. 5. Reflection and transmission of sound waves from a boundary between two liquids. A tube of area A has two different liquids on either side of x=0. (You can assume that the two fluids don't mix, or that they are separated by a very thin, massless m...
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