E is wave reflection symmetric how does the

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Unformatted text preview: ulse? (e) Is wave reflection symmetric? How does the reflection coefficient for waves incident upon string 2 from string 1 compare with that for waves incident from string 1 from string 2, for the general case v1 ≠ v2? Express your answer as a ratio. 3. Wave reflection and transmission. A wave is incident from string 1 onto a boundary with a second string 2, and the reflection and transmission coefficients depend on the properties of the strings according to the formulas derived in lecture. What can you conclude about the ratios Z2/Z1 and v2/v1 in each case below, where Z is the characteristic impedance and v is the wave velocity? (a) The reflected wave in 1 has the same magnitude as the incident wave. (b) The transmitted wave has a larger amplitude than the incident wave. (c) The reflected wave has opposite sign to the transmitted wave. (d) The transmitted wave amplitude is very...
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