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E the wavelength of the transmitted wave is longer

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Unformatted text preview: small. (e) The wavelength of the transmitted wave is longer than that of the incident wave. 4. In Assignment 3, you learned about two kinds of impedance: the mechanical impedance of a system, and the characteristic impedance of a medium. In general, if we drive a mechanical system with a force and measure its response – a velocity at some position, we can define a mechanical impedance as the ratio of the complex response to the complex drive, e.g., Z = F/v. In general this will be a function of the drive frequency. The characteristic impedance of a medium, on the other hand, characterizes wave propagation within the medium. For mechanical waves on a string, it relates the force acting at one end of a string to the velocity of the string at that point, when a single wave propagating away from that point is present. In other words, it relates the local force and velocity of the medium associated with a single propagati...
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