MusicChart - Medieval c. 400-1450 Melody: -wavelike: no...

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Baroque History Simple forms: Binary: AB, with repeats (AABB) Ternary: ABA Dance Suite: A stylized collection of dances, solo instrument or orchestra, most movements in binary or ternary form. Baroque keyboard instruments o Prelude and Fugue: Organ and Harpsichord Baroque instruments-Strings: gut strings, different bows Woodwinds: made out of wood, Brass: no valves, Percussion: originally timpani Baroque Composers: Bach: 1685-1750, organist, composer, wrote over 200 cantatas Vivaldi: Handel: 1685-1759, founded the Royal Academy of Music in London, principal words include The Messiah and Water Music Suit Baroque Orchestra: violins, flutes, oboe, trumpet, bass, cello, viola, harpsichord Concertos: Solo Concerto/Concerto Grosso Baroque Genres: Solo Suite Keyboard works: harpsichord and organ Concerto Orchestral Suites Oratorio: Large-scale dramatic genre w/religious texts, not staged or costumed, not part of a church service Classical Genres:
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MusicChart - Medieval c. 400-1450 Melody: -wavelike: no...

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