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Winand 1 Garrett Winand Price English 101 2 December 2007 Protection for Cigarette Smokers There are many individuals who smoke cigarettes on a college campus such as Salisbury . What happens to those people who wish to smoke their cigarettes when the elements interfere , they are still there but the ability to smoke may have been taken away . Salisbury must recognize that cigarette smokers make up a large population of the students and faculty at Salisbury , so they need to be protected when they want a cigarette in any sort of weather . It is a fact that there are plenty of benches and designated smoking areas around Salisbury’s campus to help out the cigarette smokers at Salisbury . What happens however when in rains? Where do these smokers smoke? At all of the smoking areas around campus there is not a single overhang or cover to protect these people . So where do they smoke , because they don’t just stop smoking it is part of their daily lifestyle . A longtime smoker , who is now a freshman living on campus at Salisbury , said that he smoked under the bike rack cover when it was raining one night . So is it safe to say that Salisbury cares more for protecting bikes than its own students. It is what it seems like given the facts of the situation
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essay 3 proposal - Winand 1 Garrett Winand Price English...

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