Chapter 4 and 5 Notes

Chapter 4 and 5 Notes - Chapter 4 Notes- Perceiving Persons...

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Chapter 4 Notes- Perceiving Persons *Social Perception: A general term for the process by which people come to understand one another. *Physiognomy: The art of reading character from faces. *Non-verbal Behavior: Behavior that reveals a person’s feelings without words-through facial expressions, body language, and vocal cues. *Attribution Theory: A group of theories that describe how people explain the causes of behavior. *Personal Attribution: Attribution to internal characteristics of an actor, such as ability, personality, mood, or effort. *Situational Attribution: Attribution to factors external to an actor, such as the task, other people, or luck. *Covariation Principle: A principle of attribution theory holding that people attribute behavior to factors that are present when a behavior occurs and absent when it does not. *Availability Heuristic: The tendency to estimate the likelihood that an event will occur by how easily instances of it come to mind. *False-consensus Effect: The tendency for people to overestimate the extent to which others share their opinions, attributes, and behaviors. *Base-rate Fallacy: The finding that people are relatively insensitive to consensus information presented in the form of numerical base rates. *Counterfactual Thinking: A tendency to imagine alternative events or outcomes that might have occurred but did not. *Fundamental Attribution Error: The tendency to focus on the role of personal causes and underestimate the impact of situations on other people’s behavior. *Actor-observer Effect: The tendency to attribute our own behavior to situational causes
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Chapter 4 and 5 Notes - Chapter 4 Notes- Perceiving Persons...

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