Unit exam-1-2342-statistics

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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT NAME: Determine whether the statement describes a population or sample. [1]1- Ages of all US presidents. Answer: [1]2- The annual salary of all professors at El Centro College.. . Answer: Identify if the numerical value in each statement describes a parameter or a statistic. [1]3- The average price of all houses in a new subdivision is $179,000 . . Answer: [1]4- A survey reports that 85% of drivers talk on their cell phone while driving. Answer: Describe if the following statements are examples of descriptive or inferential statistics. [1]5- The average number of hours vacationers spend in national parks during the summer months is 4.5 hours . . Answer: [1]6- Eighty-two percent of employees from a small local company attended the annual company picnic. . . Answer: Classify each of the following variables as: a. Qualitative or quantitative. ...
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