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English Essay One (Frank McCourt)

English Essay One (Frank McCourt) - 1 GreetingLine Brian...

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Brian Donnelly Brian Donnelly English 101.164 Mrs. Rayne 12 September 2007 Pride Is a Sin Frank McCourt has a very definitive way of writing and he is certain that his way is the best way to do it. I could not agree more with his methods because they are based on experiences that I have had and from points of view that I can relate to and I think they truly are the best way to write a memoir. I can relate to most of the authors problems for instance not being able to write about myself and denouncing all self pride which helps me sympathize with his situation. In the end a good memoir is filled with truthful stories, lack of self-pity, pride in your past and childish ideals that people from all cultures and backgrounds can relate to when they look back on their childhood and I believe that Frank McCourt has found that niche. McCourt has several very solid points in his essay and there are a few that I can relate to growing up in an Irish Catholic setting. One of the quotes I pulled out that caught my eye was when he wrote, “you were supposed to think little of yourself. Get rid of that evil.”(65) I remember in grade school when we wrote essays we were not allowed to talk about ourselves; pride was a sin. I never argued this because if I did argue I wouldn’t be able to defend myself in a heated debate with an 85-year-old nun, physically or mentally. So I kept my mouth shut and wrote about God or my grandparents never referring to myself and never using the letter “I.” He
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