lab 1 chem 110

lab 1 chem 110 - numbered 15 and 20 appear to be the same...

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Section 006 09/11/06 : Chemistry 110 Fall Semester 2006 Experiment #1: Extensive and Intensive Properties
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Introduction: Extensive properties can be defined a physical property that is measured by the size of a material whereas intensive properties are not measured by the size of the amount of material. In this experiment, extensive and intensive properties were analyzed in four unknown pieces of metal. Each piece of metal was individually observed and analyzed strictly by the physical properties. Many visual observations about the metal pieces were made such as grouping pieces into “light” and “heavy” and guessing what type of metal each piece was. Data and Observations : Piece Number 1 3 15 20 Estimated Metal Aluminum Lead Iron Iron * Pieces 15 and 20 appeared to be the same metal. Answers to Questions: - Each piece of metal can be distinguished by the size, color, and weight. - There are three different metals represented among the four pieces we reached this by 2 of the pieces being the same weight and color. The pieces that are
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Unformatted text preview: numbered 15 and 20 appear to be the same metal. -I think piece number 1 is aluminum, piece number 3 is lead, and pieces numbered 15 and 20 are iron.-Pieces 15 and 1 are “light” and pieces 3 and 20 are “heavy”.-The property that is involved here is mass.-This property is extensive.-Increasing volume: 15, 3, 20, 1. Volume is an extensive property.-It is possible for the larger piece and the smaller piece in the “light” to weigh about the same the pieces have the same density. This holds true for the same pattern in the “heavy” set. -It does make sense to say a particular substance is lighter than another substance because each substance has a certain mass and a certain weight that can make it lighter.-This property is density.-Density is the mass divided by the volume.-This property is intensive. Conclusion : Extensive and intensive properties were very important in determining information about the four pieces of metal in this experiment....
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lab 1 chem 110 - numbered 15 and 20 appear to be the same...

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