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02 Nature of Matter

02 Nature of Matter - Nature of Matter Russell is a realist...

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Nature of Matter * Russell is a realist Introduction What is sense-data ? The immediate object of experience. What we are most certain about. The present testimony of our senses. For Russell, the sense-data are representations caused by matter. What is sensation ? A mode of thinking or operation of the mind. Being conscious of sense data, or experiencing sense data is sensation. What is a physical object ? NOT identical with sense-data. We have to bring reason into it and make an inference based on sense-data but it’s beyond sense- data. Experience is always made up of secondary qualities but we have reason to believe the object goes beyond secondary qualities. We make a hypothesis about the object that goes beyond our immediate perceptions. What is matter ? The sum of all physical objects. Is mind independent. Existence of Matter What’s Russell’s concerns for Descrate’s “I think therefore I am” argument? Pg 19 He’s really concerned about the “I” in that phrase. There is an appearnce of redness vs I am seeing redness. What Descartes really proved is that we can be mos certain of our immediate sense-data. Even past sense-data is unreliable. You do not know you’re the same person from day to day. You have different experiences from moment to moment. How do you know one body is experiencing all of this? We want to be clear of what we’re most certain of. We
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