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01 Appearance and Reality

01 Appearance and Reality - Russell(1872-1970 Appearance...

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Russell (1872-1970) Appearance and Reality 1 st chapter: Russell’s hostility towards idealism o Minds and ideas are the only things that exist A special case of idealism is solopsisim. That holds the view that only your mind and your view of life exist. Why should we start with our present experiences in our search for certainty? You can’t be wrong about how things seem. Present experiences are incorrigible. We are more likely to be correct about our present experience than our past experience. They’re immediate, vivid, and less likely to be misunderstood than memories (past experiences). And also you can’t start with your future experiences, so it must be the present. What reasons does Russell give for taking seriously the appearance vs reality section in comparison to the color, texture, shape, etc in the chair example? Appearance seems to be highly variable. How tings appear vary due to different perspectives. There’s what appears to us, and what is actually out there. Russell’s convinced that there has to b something mind independent about these
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