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Joshua Daniel Global Studies 2 Charles Delgadillo Readings Analysis Oct. 15 and Oct. 17 Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America Many areas of the world that are considered third-world or lesser continents, are far less understood and respected than other places. The diversity of Africa is not a common fact, and it has been prejudiced as a “Black” continent when in truth it is the most diverse location ethnically by far. Stereotypes of Asia as well bring up images of rice farmers, but Asia boast more diversity in resources and geography then any other country. It is obvious that looking at a map is not nearly enough to understand a continent. Ethnicity, Violence and Multi-Party Democracy in Africa In order to keep their power intact longer, European countries empowered minorities over majorities, creating ethnic divisions. Couple this with national partition lines that cut through once-united areas, and revolution began to brew. In the case Rwanda, the Hutu’s, once dominated by the Tutsi’s and ethnically the same, took arms
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