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readings analysis - Joshua Daniel Global Studies 2 Charles...

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Joshua Daniel Global Studies 2 Charles E. Delgadillo Readings Analysis Oct. 1 and Oct. 3 The World is Ten Years Old The tender and delicate balance of a world scale economy and how easily it can be shaken, shifted, and tipped in someone’s favor is the main point that Friedman highlights in this excerpt. Globalization’s invisible yet powerful ties between countries proved evident with the fall of Thailand’s economy, triggering at the same time the beginning of a decline of Russia’s economy. Reading this helps one catch on to the way that the world is now connected unlike ever before. Jihad vs. McWorld One of the main things it seemed that the author tried to correct in popular media was that this was a battle between capitalism and religious extremists. Barker points at that the efforts of both of these extreme groups, instead of defusing the other, provides it with more reasons to continue to exist. Ironically, democracy is the only thing that loses
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  • Fall '08
  • Appelbaum
  • secular nationalism, world scale economy, Charles E. Delgadillo, World Politics World, Daniel Global Studies

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