Aquinas Treatise on God

Aquinas Treatise on God - Treatise on God Thomas Aquinas MY...

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Treatise on God Thomas Aquinas MY OWN NOTES 1. Everything moved in this world is moved by something else. To move is to bring the object from potential to actual energy and that can only be done by an actual being. You cannot be actual and potential at the same time. Therefore nothing can move itself, it’s a chain of events. And God had the first cause of motion. 2. Nothing is the efficient cause of oneself. There is an order of efficient causes. Therefore there has to be a first efficient cause, and we call this God. 3. Things either exist or don’t. But not everything always exists, at some point they don’t exist. Therefore there must have been a time where nothing existed. Something that exists would have to cause these nonexistent things to exist, or else nothing right now would exist. There needs to be something necessary in reality, but everything necessary comes from another source = cycle. God is something necessary that does not come from another source but causes other things to be necessary. 4. There are things in reality that are more good/true/excellent than others. Because there are degrees to al these, something has to exist with goodness and perfection in all aspects- God. 5.
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Aquinas Treatise on God - Treatise on God Thomas Aquinas MY...

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