Introduction to Philosphy

Introduction to Philosphy - D. Is the evidence (support)...

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Introduction to Philosophy I. How to read philosophical text A. Rereading, note taking, actively engaging in reading B. Understand the author’s thesis and form an opinion on whether you agree or not\ C. Will be tedious (mental exercise!) D. Hints 1. Make notes in the margin 2. Quick evaluation of the argument 3. Go back and take notes on the computer 4. Go back and read again after the lecture II. Questions to ask while reading A. What’s the author claiming or arguing? B. What support does the author have? 1. Empirical 2. Analogy 3. Logical C. Does the conclusion follow the support? 1. The support and the conclusion must be linked 2. Is it a valid argument?
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Unformatted text preview: D. Is the evidence (support) true? 1. Is this a sound argument? E. What kind of an argument is offered? 1. Argument made by analogy may be less persuasive than a logical argument III. Philosophical arguments A. Are typically argumentative (contains arguments) B. Terminology 1. Argument- series of sentences that consist of a conclusion and premises a. Can be studied in just the form itself 2. Valid argument- the premises provide adequate reasons for the conclusion to be true a. It’s more about the form 3. Sound argument- it has a valid argument AND true premises...
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Introduction to Philosphy - D. Is the evidence (support)...

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