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Behzadpour 1 Jabiz Behzadpour Mr . Cox Philosophy 140 02:29:25 Theory of Innate Ideas There are many well-known philosophers that have made excellent observations throughout time . Their topics of discussion have great variance, from the existence of God to the truth about knowledge . Rene Descartes and John Locke are two prominent philosophers who discuss many issues, one of them being the existence of innate ideas . Descartes, a realist, believes in the concept of innate ideas, while Locke, an empiricist doubts their existence . In “Meditations on First Philosophy,” Descartes presents a wax example and a proof of God to prove the existence of innate ideas . He states that all physical objects have three innate properties . They are all extendable, changeable, and flexible, which is proven by the example of wax . It may have color and odor, but those traits can be taken away . Those properties are labeled as accidental property . The three traits that will always remain are extendibility, changeability, and flexibility . Wax takes up space, can change shape, and needs to be flexible in order change . He proceeds to explain how he came up with this explanation . There are three ways to gain knowledge: sensation, imagination, and reason . He cannot have gotten this information from sensation because sensation is a catalog of different perceptions obtained at different times, therefore the concept of extension would not work . Imagination cannot explain this knowledge either because he is not putting together various perceptions . Therefore it must
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Behzadpour 2 be reasoning . Descartes claims that reasoning is responsible for a priori and innate ideas . He defines reasoning as to realize the truth of something based on inborn information, not
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Extra Credit Paper Essay - Behzadpour 1 Jabiz Behzadpour...

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