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Therefore the range is not much used especially when

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Unformatted text preview: inside. Therefore, the range is not much used, especially when N is large. used, Computer steps: Computer ON MODE COMP (1) MODE SD (4) 15.2 M + 9.2 DT 6.7 DT 12.4 DT 20.5 DT 15.2 DT SHIFT S-SUM n (3) SHIFT 1 SHIFT S-VAR x EXE (1) EXE 5 12.8 2 SHIFT S-VAR minX (1) EXE 6.7 B: Mean Absolute Deviation B: Consider the data of Company A: Consider 15.2, 9.2, 6.7, 12.4, 20.5 15.2, We know that the mean is µ = 12.8 We Had there been no variation in the data, each data value would have been 12.8, that is, identical to µ The actual situation is not so. Some data are smaller than 12.8, some are larger. Some are above the average, some are below....
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