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Unformatted text preview: mment: Comment Data set B is much more variable than Set A since the standard deviation for data company B is larger than for company A. for Computer steps : For Company B data Computer ON MODE COMP (1) MODE SD (4) 8.7 DT 10.7 DT 7.3 DT 16.5 DT 21.8 SHIFT S-SUM n (3) EXE 1 SHIFT S-VAR x SHIFT S-VAR xσn 2 2 (1) EXE (2) EXE DT 55.0 DT 6 20 16.41117505 For data, x1 , x2 ,.............., xN , the standard deviation is: is: σ = Variance = ( xi − µ ) 2 ∑ N Often the data x1 , x2 ,.............., xN are “neat” numbers such as integers, but µ involves a lot of decimal places. The results of ( x − µ ) will also be ugly, i.e. involving many decimal places, so tha...
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