Chapter 8 Thermodynamicsx

Biology, 7th Edition (Book & CD-ROM)

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Chapter 8 Introduction to Metabolism (Thermodynamics) I. Metabolism The total of an organism’s chemical reactions A. Organization of Metabolic Pathways 1. Metabolic pathway- a starting molecule that goes through several reactions catalyzed by enzymes, and turns into a product 2. Catabolic pathway- breakdown pathway a. Cellular respiration- glucose is broken down in the presence of oxygen to carbon dioxide and water b. Stored energy is released 3. Anabolic pathway- building pathway a. Consumes energy to build complicated molecules from simpler ones b. Synthesis of a protein from amino acids B. Forms of Energy 1. Energy- capacity to cause change 2. Kinetic energy- relative motion of objects 3. Heat (Thermal) energy- kinetic energy associated with movement of atoms/molecules 4. Potential energy- energy that’s not presently moving a. Based on location or structure of object 5. Chemical energy- potential energy available for release in a chemical reaction C. Laws of Energy Transformation
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Chapter 8 Thermodynamicsx - Chapter 8 Introduction to...

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