Chapter 13 Mitosis Meiosis

Biology, 7th Edition (Book & CD-ROM)

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MEIOSIS 1. Interphase a. Chromosomes replicate during S phase but remain uncondensed b. Each replicated chromosome = 2 sister chromatids c. Centrosome replicate, forming two centroosmes 2. Prophase 1 a. Occupies 90% of time allowed for meiosis b. Chromosomes begin to condense c. Homologous chromosomes pair up i Crossing over occurs. Chiasmata- regions where crossing over has occurred. d. Synaptonemal complex occurs between homologous chromosomes e. Movement of centrosomes, formation of spindle microtubules, breakdown of the nuclear envelope, dispersal of nucleoli, all that good stuff f. Kinetichores attach to microtubules, then move towards the metaphase plate 3. Metaphase I a. Chromosomes arranged on metaphase plate b. Both chromatids of a chromosome attached to kinetichore microtubules 4. Anaphase I a. Chromosomes move towards poles, guided by spindle apparatus b. Sister chromatids move as a single unit toward the same pole c. Homologous chromosomes move towards opposite poles 5. Telophase I and Cytokinesis
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Chapter 13 Mitosis Meiosis - MEIOSIS 1. Interphase a....

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