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Crime and Punishment Novel Review Sheet

Crime and Punishment Novel Review Sheet - Jabiz Behzadpour...

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Jabiz Behzadpour 10-29-06 6 th hr TITLE OF WORK: Crime and Punishment AUTHOR: Fyodor Dostoevsky DATE OF PUBLICATION: 1866 MAJOR CHARACTERS: Raskolnikov - Protagonist. Round, dynamic. Believes in his “extraordinary man” theory, split (physically, mentally, morally), indifferent about material things (doesn’t do anything with the stuff he sole), proud, ex-student, philosophical, rational, generous, calculating, amoral, monomaniac about his theory (and in consequence, trifles) Razumihin - Round and static. Intelligent, easily read (characterization obvious), Raskolnikov’s close friend, a student trying to get back in school, compassionate, patient, humble (puts women above him) Donia - Dynamic and round. Intelligent, sacrificial, moral. Razumihin rubs off on her towards the end. She won’t let people take advantage of her (not easily manipulated) Sonia - Flat and static. Has faith, self-sacrificing, a prostitute. Very emotional, timid, saves Raskolnikov Svidrigilov - Round, static. Perverted, burdened by his conscience, fate depends on Donia, commits suicide. He’s
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