11 BIOL 1001 Mutation Natural Selection (Jan. 30) post-lecture

E are passed on from parent to ospring heredity

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Unformatted text preview: ) of selec3on ac3ng and predict the effects on the popula3on. [Knowledge, Comprehension, Applica3on, Analysis] 107 Evolu3on by Natural Selec3on Variation in a population Where does this varia3on come from? Variation is heritable A change in the traits of a population over time EVOLUTION 109 Evolu3on by Natural Selec3on Variation in a Natural Selec+on population Variation is heritable Formation of new species Differential survival & reproduction A change in the traits of a population over time EVOLUTION 110 Evolu3on by Natural Selec3on Natural Selection Variation in a population Variation is heritable Differential survival & reproduction Is natural selec3on random? Frequency of selected traits increases in next generation A change in the traits of a population over time EVOLUTION 111 Observa0on 1: Popula3ons have the poten3al to increase exponen3ally BUT Observa0on 2: Popula3ons generally remain stable once they reach a certain size AND Observa0on 3: Natural resources are limited Ecology Observa0on 4: Individuals in a popula3on are not iden3cal; they vary in many characteris3cs AND Observa0on 5: Many characteris3cs are heritable (i.e., are passed on from parent to offspring) Heredity Darwin’s Inferences & Observa3ons (compiled by Mayr) Inference 1: Not all offspring that are produced survive & reproduce, b/c of a struggle for resources. AND Inference 2: Some individuals are more likely to survive & reproduce than others b/c of their heritable traits. Inference 3: Differences in survival & reproduc3on among individuals are non- random, with some traits being passed on at a higher ra3o than others & increasing in propor3on in the popula3on from one genera3on to the next. Evolu0on by natural selec0on! Taken from Gregory (2009) 112 Observa3ons 1 & 2 Ecology 1. Popula3ons have the poten3al to...
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