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5-6 BIOL 1001 Intro Evolution Hist Evolnary Thought (Jan. 16 18) post-lecture

the same principle applies to all species charles

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Unformatted text preview: adualism – slow processes over long geologic 2me periods • Accumula2on of small changes over long periods of 2me can add up to big changes • Uniformitarianism – present is key to past & vice ­versa • Current geological processes occurred in past at same rate as today. 29 Darwin was influenced by other scien2sts… Buffon (1707 ­1788)  ­ organismal differences related to environments inhabited Huoon (1726 ­1797)  ­ gradualism Lamarck (1744 ­1829)  ­ proposal of how evolu2on occurred Lyell (1797 ­1875)  ­ uniformitarianism Darwin (1809 ­1882)  ­ Theory of Natural Selec2on Darwin absorbed the ideas that: 1.  Varia2on within popula2ons is important 2.  BIG changes can occur very gradually over long periods of 2me (accumula2on of changes) 31 Timing was ripe… Malthus & the capacity for popula2ons to increase Malthus: An Essay on the...
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