5-6 BIOL 1001 Intro Evolution Hist Evolnary Thought (Jan. 16 18) post-lecture

Genera2on 1 genera2on 2 genera2on 60 over many

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Unformatted text preview: dual flies change in their ability to resist starva6on? • Did the fly popula6on change because it had to? • Was higher starva6on resistance heritable? • Can you change your gene6cs when you need to? • Did the fly popula6on learn to go without food? None of these things occurred. 12 What happened? •  Can we manipulate fruit flies so that they can resist starva2on longer? Genera2on 1 Genera2on 2 Genera2on 60!! •  Over many genera2ons of selec2on, the popula2on changes. The fruit flies now resist starva2on much longer. 13 Evolu2on – Major Unifying Concept of Biology (biological) evolu6on: descent with modifica2on; change in the gene2c characteris2cs (i.e., allele frequencies) of a popula2on over 2me Some evolu2onary process Generation 1 e.g., natural selec2on Generation 60 Popula6on – group of individuals from same species that...
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