5-6 BIOL 1001 Intro Evolution Hist Evolnary Thought (Jan. 16 18) post-lecture

5-6 BIOL 1001 Intro Evolution Hist Evolnary Thought(Jan 16 18 post-lecture

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Unformatted text preview:   Linnaeus – binomial nomenclature; study nature to beoer understand the Creator’s plan •  Cuvier  ­ fossils Trilobite fossils 1. Darwin’s idea of adapta2on was influenced by other scien2sts… Buffon (1707 ­1788)  ­ organismal differences related to environments inhabited Lamarck (1744 ­1829)  ­ proposal of how evolu2on occurred • species changed through 2me • life evolved “upward into higher” forms • simplest life forms spontaneous genera2on • Use & disuse • “inheritance of acquired characteris2cs” Both: •  Suggested popula2ons are changing •  Stressed the importance of varia2on in natural popula2ons. 2. Darwin’s idea that gradual change had occurred & con2nued to occur was influenced by other scien2sts… Huoon (1726 ­1797)  ­ gradualism Lyell (1797 ­1875)  ­ uniformitarianism • Both geologists  ­ ‘The present is the key to the past.’ • Gr...
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