5-6 BIOL 1001 Intro Evolution Hist Evolnary Thought (Jan. 16 18) post-lecture

History of evolu2onary thought plato perfect creatures

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Unformatted text preview: ary change, are not supported. [Comprehension] b.  Iden2fy statements/ideas as Lamarckian or Darwinian, jus2fying your choice. [Applica2on, Analysis] B2. Explain the influence of gradualism and uniformitarianism, and Malthus’s ideas of popula2on growth and food supply on Darwin’s ideas of natural selec2on and its impact on evolu2on. [Comprehension] B3. Summarize Darwin’s five observa2ons and two inferences that encompass the logic of his theory of evolu2on by natural selec2on and explain the link between the two inferences. [Knowledge, Comprehension] B4. Read a phylogene2c tree iden2fying common ancestors, specia2on events; explain what a phylogene2c tree represents. History of Evolu2onary Thought •  Plato – perfect creatures already exist; evolu2on not necessary in perfect world; thus, no evolu2on •  Aristotle – Scala naturae; no vacancies…thus, no evolu2on ...
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