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5-6 BIOL 1001 Intro Evolution Hist Evolnary Thought (Jan. 16 18) post-lecture

Phylogeny 22 learning objec2ves history of evolu2onary

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Unformatted text preview: live in same area & regularly interbreed A change in the (gene2c) characteris2cs of a popula2on over 2me EVOLUTION Fruit flies are really good model organisms for evolu2onary studies WHY? What is evolu2on? •  So what is biological evolu2on? (Herein referred to simply as evolu2on.) •  In its most basic sense: descent with modifica2on! •  Microevolu6on: Changes in gene2c characteris2cs of a popula2on over 2me genealogy •  Macroevolu6on: Descent of different species from a common ancestor over many genera2ons. phylogeny 22 Learning Objec2ves – History of Evolu2onary Thought B1. Relate Lamarck’s major contribu2ons to evolu2onary thought to Darwin’s evolu2on by natural selec2on, explaining which of Lamarck’s hypotheses were integral to Darwin’s idea, and which were not, providing reasons. [Comprehension] a.  Explain why Lamarck’s hypotheses of use and disuse, and inheritance of acquired characteris2cs leading to evolu2on...
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