Longevity of seeds

Functional ecology 8 658664 horbowicz m and obendorf

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Unformatted text preview: ed Science and Technology 24, 347– 358. Hendry, G.A.F., Thompson, K., Moss, C.J., Edwards, E. and Thorpe, P.C. (1994) Seed persistence: a correlation between seed longevity in the soil and ortho-dihydroxyphenol concentration. Functional Ecology 8, 658–664. Horbowicz, M. and Obendorf, R.L. (1994) Seed desiccation tolerance and storability: Dependence on flatulenceproducing oligosaccharides and cyclitols – review and survey. Seed Science Research 4, 385– 405. Jones, Q. and Earle, F.R. (1966) Chemical analyses of seeds. II: Oil and protein content of 759 species. Economic Botany 20, 127–155. Koster, K.L. and Leopold, A.C. (1988) Sugars and desiccation tolerance in seeds. Plant Physiology 88, 829– 832. Kraak, H.L. and Vos, J. (1987) Seed viability constants for lettuce. Annals of Botany 59, 343–349. Kuo, T.M., Van Middlesworth, J.F. and Wolf, W.J. (1988) Content of raffinose oligosaccharides and sucrose in various plant seeds. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 36, 32 –36. LHB (Liberty Hyde Bailey) Hortorium (1976) Hortus third. New York, Macmillan Publishing. Mycock, D.J. and Berjak, P. (1995) The implications of seedassociated mycoflora during storage. pp. 747–766 in Kigel, J.; Galili, G. (Eds) Seed development and germination. New York, Marcel Dekker. Odum, S. (1965) Germination of ancient seeds: Floristical observations and experiments with archaeologically dated soil samples. Dansk Botanisk Arkiv 24, 1 –70. Priestley, D.A. (1986) Seed aging. Ithaca, NY, Comstock Publishing Associates. Priestley, D.A. , Cullinan, V.I. and Wolfe, J. (1985) Differences in seed longevity at the species level. Plant, Cell and Environment 8, 557– 562. Pritchard, H.W. and Dickie, J.B. (2003) Predicting seed longevity: the use and abuse of seed viability equations. pp. 653– 722 in Smith, R.D.; Dickie, J.B.; Linington, S.L.; Pritchard, H.W.; Probert, R.J. (Eds) Seed conservation: Turning science into practice. London, Royal Botanic Gardens. 20 C. Walters et al. Rincker, C.M. (1981) Long-term subfreezing storage of forage crop seeds. Crop Science 21, 424 – 427. Rincker, C.M. (1983) Germination of forage crop seeds after 20 years of sub-freezing storage. Crop Science 23, 229 – 231. Roos, E.E. and Davidson, D.A. (1992) Record longevities of vegetable seeds in storage. HortScience 27, 393 – 396. Shen-Miller, J., Mudgett, M.B., Schopf, J.W., Clarke, S. and Berger, R. (1995) Exceptional seed longevity and robust growth: ancient sacred lotus from China. American Journal of Botany 82, 1367 –1380. Sinclair, T.R. and DeWit, C.T. (1975) Photosynthate and nitrogen requirements for seed production by various crops. Science 189, 565 –567. ¨ Specht, C.E., Freytag, U., Hammer, K. and Borner, A. (1998) Survey of seed germinability after long-term storage in the Gatersleben genebank (Part 2). Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter 115, 39 –43. Steiner, A.M. and Ruckenbauer, P. (1995) Germination of 110 year-old cereal and weed seeds, the Vienna sample of 1877. Verification of effective ultra-dry storage at ambient temperature. Seed Science Research 5, 195– 199. Telewski, F.W. and Zeevaart, J.A.D. (2002) The 120-yr period for Dr. Beal’s seed viability experiment. American Journal of Botany 89, 1285 –1288. Tompsett, P.B. (1986) The effect of temperature and moisture content on the longevity of seed of Ulmus carpinifolia and Terminalia brassii. Annals of Botany 57, 875– 883. Toole, E.H. and Brown, E. (1946) Final results of the Duvel buried seed experiment. Journal of Agricultural Research 72, 201– 210. Vavilov, N.I. (1992) Origin and geography of cultivated plants. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Villiers, T.A. (1974) Seed aging: Chromosome stability and extended viability of seeds stored fully imbibed. Plant Physiology 53, 875–878. Walters, C. (1998) Understanding the mechanisms and kinetics of seed aging. Seed Science Research 8, 223– 244. Walters, C., Wheeler, L. and Stanwood, P.C. (2004) Longevity of cryogenically-stored seeds. Cryobiology 48, 229– 244. Went, F.W. (1969) A long term test of seed longevity. II. Aliso 7, 1 – 12. Williams, R.J., Hirsh, A.G., Meryman, H.T. and Takahashi, T.A. (1993) The high-order kinetics of cytolysis in stressed red cells. Journal of Thermal Analysis 40, 857– 862. Zewdie, M. and Ellis, R.H. (1991) Response of tef and niger seed longevity to storage temperature and moisture. Seed Science and Technology 19, 319– 329. Received 21 July 2004 accepted after revision 11 November 2004 q USDA 2005...
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