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Chapter 01 Notes

Chapter 01 Notes - Chemistry Study of Change Chapter 1...

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Chemistry: Study of Change Chapter 1 I. Scientific Method- systematic approach to research A. Steps 1. Define the problem 2. Perform experiments 3. Make observation 4. Record information (data) B. Terms 1. Qualitative data- general observations 2. Quantitative data- numbers obtained by measurements 3. Hypothesis- tentative explanation for a set of observations 4. Law- concise verbal or mathematical statement of a relationship between  phenomena that is always in the same condition a. Force = mass x acceleration 5. Theory- a unifying principle that explains a body of facts a. Hypotheses that survive many experiments become theories II. Classification of Matter A. Substances and Mixtures 1. Substance- form of matter that has a constant composition and distinct properties a. Water, ammonia, sugar, gold, oxygen b. Differ in composition and can be identified by appearance, smell, taste 2.
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