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Campaign Strategy Report - Stuart Cobb 2/14/2008 PLSC 2703...

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Stuart Cobb 2/14/2008 PLSC 2703 Steve Scully Campaign Strategy Report The 2008 nomination contests have served as good indicators of the political environment the candidates will experience in future contests, including the general election. One of the defining characteristics for today’s political environment is the increased number of people who are voting in the election. The Los Angeles Times reports that, “About half the states that held elections through Super Tuesday saw record turnout, according to an analysis by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University in Washington, which was reported by the Associated Press.” Early analysis of this phenomenon suggests that most of this growth is going to the Democrats. Another important component of the political environment is the priorities of the people. According to a recent CBS news poll, the three issues that people are most concerned about are: 1. the economy/job creation; 2. Iraq; 3. Healthcare. The attitude of the American public is one of general dissatisfaction with the current administration, and a desire for change in politics The race for the Democratic Party’s nomination has weeded out all but two candidates. Barack Obama won the first contest in Iowa by a narrow margin over John Edwards, with Hillary Clinton coming in third. Following her third place finish in Iowa, Hillary rallied her support with the help of a teary eye and won the New Hampshire and Nevada primaries. South Carolina was seen as a must win for Edwards if he were to remain in the race, and also a critical state for Obama in order to stop the Clinton momentum going into the race. Obama overwhelmingly won the South Carolina
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primaries, beating Clinton by about twenty points. South Carolina was the last stop for the Edwards campaign following his disappointing third place finish. After South Carolina the focus of the candidates shifted to the sixteen “super Tuesday” states holding contests on February 5. Obama carried eleven states to Hillary’s five, but it was the last time Hillary won a contest. Obama has won the last seven contests (LA, WA, NE, ME, VA, D.C., MD) by a resounding margin, which has enabled him to gain the lead in the race for delegates. The Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2008 election will be Barack Obama.
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Campaign Strategy Report - Stuart Cobb 2/14/2008 PLSC 2703...

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