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sustainability research paper - Stuart Cobb SOCS 1910 Hard...

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Stuart Cobb SOCS 1910: Hard Choices in Public Policy 11/15/07 Sustainability and Public Policy The science is clear; our environment is headed for a serious breakdown. Human technological development has greatly accelerated the global warming process. But global warming is just one component of the many environmental problems our world faces today. Commercial farming has taken a heavy toll on the land, and it has become apparent that if we do not change our methods of farming the ability to provide food to an already malnourished world will be lost. A major goal of environmental activists has been to promote the use of sustainable agricultural practices in order to promote a healthier farming lifestyle. Sustainable agriculture has serious potential to improve our long-term environmental prospects, and the overall quality of life for mankind. There is not a standard method of producing a sustainable agricultural system. Farmers have experimented with a variety of different methods including: crop rotation, organic farming, selling crops directly to the consumer, and the use of cover crops that replenish nutrients in the soil. No one method has been proven better than others, but they all have significant advantages over the commercial farming system. Organic farming provides farmers with an extremely profitable opportunity to increase the quality of their product and their land. “Organic farming can be defined as an approach to agriculture where the aim is to create integrated, humane, environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural production systems. Maximum reliance is placed on locally or farm-derived renewable resources and the management of self- regulating ecological and biological processes and interactions in order to provide
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sustainability research paper - Stuart Cobb SOCS 1910 Hard...

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