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Bio111-01syllabus MWF Fall07(2)

Bio111-01syllabus MWF Fall07(2) - Instructor:GraceGoschke...

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BIO 111-01 General Biology Syllabus –Fall 2007 Instructor: Grace Goschke Office: 33-264 Phone: 756-2806 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: M/W 9:00-11:00pm (or make an appointment) Blackboard: Bio 111-01 Text : Biology Today and Tomorrow, Basic Edition , Starr (2007, Brooks/Cole) Course Description : This is an introductory course designed to provide an overview of fundamental concepts in biology. Lecture topics fall into 3 general areas: Cells & Metabolism, Genetics, and Evolution & Ecology. Biology is the scientific study of life, an ongoing attempt to understand our own bodies, the organisms around us, and the natural world in general. It is an essential part of general education; while the material in this course may not be directly relevant to your major, it should be relevant to your life. As a GE Area B2 and B4 course, Bio 111 should provide you with basic biological knowledge, an understanding of principles of scientific inquiry, and the ability to analyze biological issues in your own life or reported in the news. Grading : Exam 1 100 points Exam 2 100 points Exam 3 100 points Written Assignments 20 points On-line quizzes 30 points Laboratory 100 points 450 points Final grades will be based on a standard percentage scale (A= 90-100%, B= 80-89%, C = 70- 79%, D = 60-69%, F = below 60). Plus/minus grades may be given for borderline scores. Refer to the lab syllabus (provided in lab) for information about lab grading. Written Assignments will consist of two short assignments in which you will investigate specific topics in biology (details provided later, 7-8 points each), as well as in-class work. You will periodically write very short responses in class; these will sometimes be collected and extra-
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credit given. In-class work will not be graded, but you will only receive credit for serious answers. Two on-line quizzes (5 pts each) will be given in each of the three general lecture areas during the course. These are to be completed using the blackboard site.
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Bio111-01syllabus MWF Fall07(2) - Instructor:GraceGoschke...

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