Cocaine in system another routine day woman arrives sp

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Unformatted text preview: ay in TCC   Full Arrest – PEA – resuscitated by prior team   Level 1 Trauma – GSW – man sitting in car   Level 1 Trauma – GSW – teenager   Rollover MVC – hypoglycemic on scene   Level 2 Trauma – stomped in head by horse   MVC – head ­on collision with tree   flown in by ARCH as transfer   intubated (on life support) A Day in TCC   Hypotensive pulmonary edema   Ecstasy overdose in a teenager   Level II trauma – MVC   Palpitations and anxiety   Asthmatic in respiratory distress – intubated for impending respiratory failure. Cocaine in system. Another Routine Day   Woman arrives s/p seizure, gurgling on her own blood, covered in stool; pneumothorax after central line; blows pupils during evaluation; head CT – massive cerebellar stroke and subacute SAH – brain dead on first exam.   GSW to thigh – shatters distal femur and proximal tibia Still the same shift…   GSW to both arms – patient found to be hiding bag full of crack cocaine between buttocks – found during trauma evaluation   Stab wound to the neck   Pt. will evidence of brain injury with SDH and dilated pupils  ­ take to O.R. A Random Sunday   Level 1 Trauma – Woman with throat slit by husband in parking lot of church   Full Arrest – patient arrives without pulse – intubated; rhythm returns; concern for brain death.   Seizure after head injury – bites tongue while on enoxaparin – occludes airway in E.D., respiratory arrest followed by bradyasystolic cardiac arrest – crash intubation, resuscitated with return of heart beat and good BP. Undergraduates Medical Students Reside...
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