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Unformatted text preview: you all have the intelligence and talent to become a physician, but there are other qualities that are important too   To teach you that with the right combination of drive, determination and focus you can do anything either in medicine or in life   To learn to trust in the process and relish the challenges ahead   To learn the importance of flexibility, adaptability and perspective Keeping it Simple   Sit, learn and absorb like a sponge   There is no pressure in this course   Don’t just think about whether you’re right for medicine; think about whether medicine is right for you   You will have a lot of fun   There are no stupid questions   I will do everything I can to help you succeed Fulfilling a Need EM-STAR Program   Emergency Medicine Scholastic Training and Research Program   Shadowing in return for clinical research work   Class material focused on statistical analysis, search strategy and research methodology   In 2005 the course instructor left and the curriculum was revamped EM-STAR   A Graded Class   Statistics and Research Methodology   Weekly statistical and on ­line assignments   Weekly essays   Student PowerPoint Presentations MedPrep   Pass/Fail   No nonsense, high yield, useful information   No busy work   No essays   Q&A Sessions with resident physicians in multiple specialties Clinical Medicine A D...
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