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Fukuyama the end of history c huntington the clash of

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Unformatted text preview: ay I. Sierra Leon: new brutalities (1999) J. Humanitarian Intervention (the idea that the UN would utilize force in order to create peace) New challenges A. China: new wealth, new power (concern: China may be using it’s power to undermine human rights) B. Russia: (became a democracy but full of corruption, crime, and conflict) C. Global terrorism D. Global economic crises A New Peace? A. International Law (not attached to any kind of entity: countries can alter it on their own…) B. Fukuyama: the end of history C. Huntington: The clash of civilizations D. The UN falters and struggles Resource Wars and Ethnic Conflicts: Utopias of Desire and Exclusion I. General Overview A. Resource wars and ethnic conflicts have caused and overwhelming amount of v...
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