10-12 PACS Lecture

Realists this is stability 4 even though realists

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Unformatted text preview: ns C. How it worked 1. The two sides developed nuclear weapons 2. Deterrence: no “hot” wars ever occurred (hence…”cold” war) 3. Realists: this is stability 4. Even though realists like to call it the war of stability, it wasn’t all that stable 5. “Proxy” wars (includes guerilla wars…etc.): 6. Wars were fought through and in other countries 7. Violence played out in other locations around the world 8. UN could do nothing due to Security Council stalemate 9. Classic example of a proxy war: the War in Vietnam (USSR armed north Vietnam, US armed and supported South Vietnam…very much so a real and violent war but did not break into an all ­out war) 10. The Security Council...
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