Somalia collapses in 1991 and un tries to go in and

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Unformatted text preview: racy protesters) 4. 1989 ­1990 seemed like that world finally figured out that democracy was the way to go…(Fukuyama) 5. Democracy and human rights “wins” as a result and communism is over… 1990s A. Cambodia 1991 (UNTAC: United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia); UN took over Cambodia and put it through two years of democracy after it came out of a civil war B. Somalia collapses in 1991 and UN tries to go in and rebuild Somalia too… C. Former Yugoslavia collapses in 1991 too…and UN tries to rebuild it also… D. South Africa: end of apartheid E. Boutros Boutros ­Ghali: Agenda for Peace (1992) F. Rwanda 1994 (genocide) G. Kosovo (Yugoslavia collapses again) H. Somalia: failed state even until tod...
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