What should be a benefit to the state ends up having

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Unformatted text preview: ity B. Causality 1. Relative inequality: “grievances” settled through conflict a. Resources concentrated in one area or region, which creates conflict and relative inequality 2. Scarcity: demand exceeds supply for an essential resource 3. Mismanagement: greed, corruption, etc. C. Grievances 1. Relative inequality as relative deprivation (conflict to address unfair imbalance) 2. Structural inequality (conflict to dismantle the structure) [ex: caste system, embedded poverty, etc. threatens to dismantle structure] D. Resources and Conflict 1. Point resources/point specific resource: location ­specific (oil, mines, etc.) 2. Diffuse recourses: spread throughout a region (diamonds, timber, etc.) 3. Resource distribution generates differen...
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