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Forensic Science- Chapter 2

Forensic Science- Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 The Crime Scene I...

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Chapter 2: The Crime Scene I. Processing the crime scene A) Physical Evidence 1) encompasses any and all objects that can establish that a crime has been committed or can link a crime to its victim or perpetrator 2) forensic science is only one part of the investigation process B) Secure and Isolate the Crime Scene 1) first officer arriving at scene is responsible to preserve and protect the area (unless medical attention or arrest) 2) exclude unauthorized personnel from scene (ropes, barricades, guard positioning) 3) press makes things difficult, curious neighbors, emotional people 4) individuals that enter can potentially destroy physical evidence 5) mark evidence to preserve 6) secured lead investigator evaluates a.) boundaries, path of entry/exit, evidence, initial walk through C) Record the Scene 1) limited amount of time records needed in court and for investigation 2) photos, sketches, and note taking a.) photography 1.) most important prerequisite is not to alter unless injured people are involved 2.) moved object inadmissible in court 3.) close ups, overviews, evidence pictures w/ ruler, etc. 4.) digitally enhance b.) videotaping- more popular now b/c cost of equipment is down, same as photography but can narrate 1.) can’t be used in place of still photography (not enough detail) c.) sketches 1.) after photos i. rough sketch- draft representation of all essential info and measurements, drawn at scene ii. finished sketch- precise rendering of crime scene that is drawn to scale (CAD) d.) Notes 1.) constant activity- detailed w/ location of scene, evidence, id time evidence discovered 2.) refresh memory 3.) tape recording advantage- faster 4.) narrative of videotape- transcribed into document D) Conduct a Systematic Search for Evidence
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1) factual, unbiased, reconstruction of crime 2)
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