Oil Depletion Effects

Oil Depletion Effects - Tom Dahl English 110 Professor...

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Tom Dahl English 110 Professor Grauer 3/24/2008 Oil Depletion The United States has built its transportation infrastructure and energy use on the consumption of oil. Over the last half -century, Americans have become more and more obsessed with consuming oil for energy and for transportation among other things. Our nation presently consumes 60% of all oil produced per day worldwide. What will happen when all oil resources are gone? The oil shock of 1973 sent Americans and American businesses in a frenzy. Demand was elastic and people had to wait up to and hour at the pump. What happens when the lack of oil will cause the price of oil to triple? Will Americans be content with drastically changing their lifestyles? The problem of Oil depletion will continue to get worse and worse being that oil is a non-renewable source. It is predicted my many experts that we may entirely run out of oil by 2030 depending on how many barrels of oil we produce. Current trends of oil depletion will continue in the future. When they do, people will be left without a reliable transportation or energy source, have to drastically change their personal lives, and have little food reserves to consume. Transportation methods over time have focused directly on giving the average American freedom. Americans love the freedom of having the ability to drive their own car wherever they want, whenever they want. In fact, the average Americans have become so accustomed to driving their own vehicles; almost all find public transportation
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to be a huge inconvenience. “Changing the way automobiles consume energy is extremely important to solving the energy crisis, especially since Americans use about
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Oil Depletion Effects - Tom Dahl English 110 Professor...

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