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Tom Dahl English 110 Professor Grauer 2/27/2008 Oil Depletion The United States has built its transportation infrastructure and energy use on the consumption of oil. Over the last half -century, Americans have become more and more obsessed with consuming oil for energy and for transportation among other things. Our nation presently consumes 60% of all oil produced per day worldwide. American’s love their freedom of having the ability to drive wherever they want, whenever they want, but oil resources around the world wont last forever. What happens when all oil is gone? Will Americans be content with drastically changing their lifestyles? Dependency on foreign oil resources, the American economy crumbling, and transportation methods are three huge problems that will result if America stands idle in a world of depleting oil resources. Over the years the American government has had a heavy reliance on foreign sources for our oil. Oil however, has shown that it is a “non-renewable source”, and once it is gone, it’s gone forever. History has shown us that alliances are oftentimes built around who has what resources. Take the United States’ relationship with Venezuela for example. Venezuela had a great amount of debt, and the United States offered to help get rid of that debt by purchasing millions of dollars worth of crude oil. America and many
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Dahl Page 2 European countries ended up sucking Venezuelan oil resources dry, and no longer had any reason to keep a significant alliance with Venezuela. In the short oil related movie A Crude awakening” , there is astonishing footage of the manpower and heavy machinery that was used to take oil from the ground in Venezuela. They then showed present day footage of the exact same location in Venezuela minus the oil, and the
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Oil Depletion - Tom Dahl English 110 Professor Grauer...

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