MACRO - Are addicts ever fully recovered from a drug...

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Are addicts ever fully recovered from a drug addiction, or do they give in to simple pressure every now and then? On the night of October 1, 2007, Jodie Sweetin came to the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire to address the students on her drug/alcohol abuse. Her speech was about how she coped with the pressure put on her by everyone, and how she turned her life around for the better. I attended her presentation to gain insight on how a person with such a good life could have such a sudden transformation of lifestyle. Jodie Sweetin is a former child sensation that has experienced first hand the “highs” and lows of drug/alcohol abuse. She started acting in commercials, and eventually got the chance that every actress dreams of. Appearing on the late 80’s television hit “Full house”, Jodie knew exactly how it felt to be in the spotlight. When the show ended, Jodie was thirteen years old. Having been accustomed to the life of a superstar since she was four, reality hit her extremely hard. When she headed back to junior high, she was condemned by the fellow classmates and constantly ridiculed for her signature phrase “how rude!” Looking for an outlet, she resorted to drugs and alcohol. Jodie started talking about how and why she got involved in drugs and alcohol. Coming into junior high, many students poked fun at her and it became difficult for her to fit in. Desperately wanting to fit in and just be “normal”, Jodie resorted to Alcohol. The
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MACRO - Are addicts ever fully recovered from a drug...

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